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Policies, Reports, & Information

New England College of Optometry (the College) is accredited by both the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE) of the American Optometric Association and by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE). This page provides links to information about accreditation, reports, and policies that help further the mission of the College and promote the well-being of students, faculty, and staff.

Guidelines, Policies, and Reports

  • Accreditation Information: View information about accreditation from the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE) and by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).
  • Annual Reports: NECO's Annual Reports highlight the programs, courses, faculty, and alumni and their contributions to the College and the field of vision health. The current online report, as well as past print versions are available.
  • Annual Campus Security Report: The College produces a security report each year that encompasses New England College of Optometry and the NECO Center for Eye Care.
  • Online College Catalog: Find information and quick links to the academic calendar, student learning outcomes, faculty listings, academic programs, courses, admissions, costs, and financial aid.  
  • Privacy Policy:  New England College of Optometry takes user privacy and safety very seriously.  Our policy details the ways in which we collect, use, and store information when visiting our website. It includes information about network security, the use of cookies, consent, accuracy, and the use of images on the site. Please direct any questions to  
  • Social Media & Email Guidelines: New England College of Optometry recognizes the importance of a strong presence within social media and through our email communications.  NECO has created guidelines to promote professional and respectful engagement on all platforms as representatives of the College and its clinical system.  
  • Strategic Plan: The strategic plan document provides our aspirations and goals to support our three core activities: teaching and learning, patient care and clinical education, and research.


Additional College Policies