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Impact & Service

Experience Education that Impacts Lives

NECO’s aspiration is bold: For every person, the best vision and health possible, by shaping the future of optometric education and care. 733 million people around the world suffer from vision loss. 75% of those can have their sight restored simply with a pair of glasses.

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Impact and Change

Impact a patient, and change how they see.
Impact a community, and change how people live.
Impact your career, and change its direction.
Impact healthcare, and change its future.
Change the future, and impact the world.

New England College of Optometry
where impacting a life is an immediate experience.

Small School, Big Impact

At NECO, our mission is clear: Changing the way people see the world through optometric education, discovery and service.  We value our tradition of serving the community and bringing vision care to underserved populations.  Through our vast network of clinical affiliations, our students put patient care first, with each student providing vision care to a large population of patients during his/her four years of education at New England College of Optometry. Our students provide comprehensive, state of the art vision care to children, older adults, the homeless, and individuals with disabilities and provide screenings and services in schools, homeless shelters, community health centers, and in VA medical centers.

I chose to study optometry because it will enable me to give back to the community. I appreciate how broad the field is and the many opportunities and experiences my education will make possible.

Florence Lee, Class of 2016

Over the course of four years, one class of students may impact over 180,000 lives. View the impact of the Classes of 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 over the course of their four years at the College.

A Tradition of Service

The College’s commitment to leadership, innovation, and collaboration dates back to its earliest days. Founded in 1894, the New England College of Optometry established early vision care standards and practices. Whether providing some of the first community-based vision care to Boston’s homeless in the 1920s, partnering with community health centers in the 1970s to open the nation’s first eye clinic, or performing a clinical trial study in optometry at an optometric school in the 1990s, the College has been instrumental in defining what it means to be an optometrist. NECO has a history of being a first to embrace the changing landscape of health care.  View the timeline of community service.

Community Partnerships

New England College of Optometry continues this tradition of community impact today in partnerships with the Boys and Girls Club of Boston, the expansion of its own community health centers, and with its pediatric school health screening program. Most of all, it is our students who carry on the College’s tradition of serving the community - whether traveling to Nicaragua to screen children, dispensing glasses in inner city neighborhoods, or providing care to veterans, bringing vision care to those in need is at the heart of what they do. It is this compassion, innovation, and excellence that are the driving forces behind all that we do, providing the foundations for our educational philosophy, clinical practice, and our partnerships and collaborations.

At NECO, our mission compels us to provide a sustainable solution to ensure children who fail a screening receive a comprehensive eye exam in a timely manner and to receive eyeglasses and other needed treatment to ensure success in school and life. Timely, relevant clinical education is at the center of our educational philosophy.