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Job Opportunities

Work at NECO

Why Work at NECO?

New England College of Optometry, NECO, and its clinical and patient care affiliate, the NECO Clinical Network, are looking for agile, committed people to join our team to support our programs in world-class optometric education and clinical experience. The NECO Clinical Network encompasses two comprehensive vision centers (New England College of Optometry Center for Eye Care), a clinical affiliates (at community health centers, VA Medical Centers and Academic Hospitals), school-based programs, and community partnerships (serving individuals with disabilities, those who need geriatric and low vision care, and people who are homeless).

The College is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.

What Employment Opportunities Are Available?

Search Job Postings to learn about current job openings.

How to Apply

Unless otherwise noted on the job description, please email cover letter and resume to the Office of Human Resources, to apply for an open position.