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Experience Lifelong Success in Optometry

At NECO, experience is everything. We believe that the key to training great doctors lies in providing innovative, enlightening experiences that shape the earliest stages of your career. From invaluable clinical work to vibrant classroom discussions and research opportunities, every moment of your NECO training will pay dividends for a lifetime. Come discover your passion in the field as you find your place in the profession.

Your Journey Begins Here

We've played an integral role in the field of optometry for nearly 125 years.  When you join NECO, you join a community of caring, thoughtful individuals who seek to create impact and change the world. We recruit and admit socially-minded, intellectually curious, and compassionate students with the demonstrated academic credentials and interpersonal competencies necessary to achieve excellence in the practice of optometry. 

NECO Admissions Brochure

All applicants to four-year optometric programs utilize the OptomCAS web application process. Upon submission, the Admissions Committee reviews applications and selected candidates are invited to come to the College for an interview.  If you have specific questions or would like to set up a consult, please reach out to our Admissions team at  

I chose NECO for many reasons. First, there was the allure of the clinical program- I wanted to immerse myself in the patient care experience as soon as possible and in a diverse environment and that's exactly what NECO offers. Second, there is the city of Boston, a young, fun, beautiful city with a lot of culture to offer.

Alexandra Sexton, Class of 2016