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Dinner Over Dialogue With Dr. Wendy Hallier, OD

Students in auditorium listening to speaker

Last week, New England College of Optometry hosted a Dinner over Dialogue event. The Dinner and Dialogue series brings together students and industry partners for dinner and a lecture.  The events focus on communication and practice management.

The Dinner and Dialogue I attended on September 26, 2018 was sponsored by Johnson and Johnson Vision Care. The speaker, Dr. Wendy Hallier, OD, a graduate of Ohio State University, shared her presentation: ““Practicing with a Mindset of Patient Focused Eye Care.”  In the discussion, she showcased her company’s multifocal contact lenses for presbyopia.

Dr. Hallier began by diving right into the idea of how each patient is unique. She noted that contact fittings can result in a happy experience if optometrists remember that each patient is as uniquely different as their eyes. Dr. Hallier used a memorable analogy of blue jeans to help illustrate the concept. She compared blue jeans to patient’s eye, noting that blue jeans have different cuts, styles, and fits, in the same way that eyes have various shapes and sizes. Using this knowledge, ODs should remember that one contact lens does not fit all eyes. The inspiration for Johnson and Johnson’s multifocal lenses for presbyopic patients was “the eye” and all aspects pertaining to the eye, including the patient’s lifestyle choices. Dr. Hallier noted innovative technological advancements, like Lacreon technology, in relation to contact lenses. She also emphasized the importance of reviewing each fitting guide provided by a contact lens manufacturer, and how paying attention to the nuances can change the game in contact lens fitting experience for patients.

Julie K.
Julie K. is a first year Optometry student (Class of 2022) from Columbia, SC. She recently moved up to Boston and immediately fell in love with the crisp air and the infamous T-rides. She looks forward to making these posts informative and interesting for you. Happy reading!