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Living in Boston

Experience Boston

Boston is a great place to live and an easy city to navigate. Whether you need to find a grocery store, subway station, bus stop, bank, quiet study spot, or clothing store — most destinations are only a short walk away. Boston also offers public throughout the city to connect neighborhoods and make destinations easily accessible.

Welcome to Back Bay

New England College of Optometry is located in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston.  Close to the 424 Beacon Street campus, you can find restaurants, stores, parks, and entertainment. Boston is also home to a number of famous historical sites, museums, professional sports teams, and musical and theater venues.  You can choose to study at the historic Boston Public Library or take a walk or run along the Charles River behind our campus.  Boston is a city filled with many options. Learn more about Boston on the website.

Where should I live?

Boston is a city comprised of 23 neighborhoods. Many students choose to live near our Back Bay Campus or in one of the nearby neighborhoods. Others choose to live in nearby cities such as Somerville, Cambridge, and Brookline. You may choose to live near campus or you may choose to live near across town. No matter what your budget or location needs are, Boston has many different places you can call home.

How can I get to Boston?

Boston is both an easy destination and departure point. There are several options for arriving in the city: you can fly into Boston’s Logan International Airport, arrive by train to an Amtrak station, take the bus to the South Station terminal, ride the commuter rail to North Station, or drive into the city via several major highways and thoroughfares. 

How do I get to NECO? 

Once you arrive in Boston's public transit system, taxis, ride shares (such as Uber and Lyft), and other transportation options make it easy to navigate and explore the city.   Get directions to NECO.

What is there to do in Boston?

Boston is a city filled with many options—sports, museums, nature, history, beaches, nightlife and shopping.  Whether you are looking to spend some time outside at the Public Gardens, visit the penguins at the New England Aquarium, attend a baseball game at Fenway Park, find Italian food in the North End, or view some of the finest art in the country, Boston offers opportunities to experience it all. 

aerial of baseball park